Five Years

That lovely application known as “On This Day” on Facebook really shook me yesterday. It reminded me that five years ago I hit my head with a car door and ended up in the ER for seven hours, garnering five stitches above my left eyebrow.  Although the injury healed nicely- I have wrinkles that are more prominent than that scar, remembering what was going on in my life five years ago took my breath away. Realizing how much changes in five years felt like a punch in the gut.

Five years ago….

I was closer to 30 than 40. (Obvs.) The kids were little…James was 8, Mychi 6, Jack 5, David 1, and the rest not even thought of yet. Joey hadn’t yet been in a horrific accident. Our best friends were still our best friends. I worked full time at school.

Normal life stuff. Until I kept recalling the details surrounding the rainy afternoon in May when I opened the driver’s door to the Escape and the corner clipped my forehead/eyebrow.

Kate was still alive. Kate was still awake. Kate was still able to sit up and hear about the kids’ day.

That’s when five years felt like an eternity.



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