The Story of my “LOVES”

In June 2011 I was faced with one of those darn forks in the figurative road:  am I bitter and vengeful or poised and balanced?  Do I lash out or do I take that stinkin’ high road?  Do I attack or turn the other cheek?  Do I punish or focus on the best revenge being living well?

See, a person had inflicted her “dark magic” on my family.  And that, readers, is punishable by death.  She and I are not friends- we were once and never will be again.  During our ‘divorce” [then 10 years prior], I got my family, she hers.  LEAVE MY PEOPLE ALONE.  So when this evil creature insinuated her fat ass on my domestic sphere, the gloves were coming off.  But was this the best retaliation?


I had to think about it.  Thankfully, being a relatively intelligent person and having a spectacular education, I chose to behave with decorum.  I am only human, however, and needed to process.  Should I vent on social media?  Should I take to the keyboard and post [thinly veiled] personal attacks about the alleged wrong-doer?  I decided to embrace what I loved about my life.  I decided to focus on the positive.  I chose to look around me and enjoy what was best about my life and life in general.  My course of action needed to be non-combative and beneficial to everyone around me.  I started writing lists of “LOVES.”

Nearly everyone on my Facebook “friends” list with whom I interact in real life has commented on this effort.  All of the comments are a pleasure:

“Sometimes I think you’re going to be sarcastic, but it’s never mean.”

“Your lists brighten up my newsfeed.”

“You’re like the only person on FB who isn’t ALWAYS nasty and negative.”

“I log on just to read what you’re going to post that you love.”

“I love your loves! They make my day!”

“I’m going to start doing this.  I think we all need to start doing this.”


Well, here they are.  It will be a slow-go as I compile the three years of lists, but then they will update in real time.  My motivation was simple then and it is now:  enjoy what you have in front of you.  It will help you move forward.

Cheers and happy loving.   Click here and check back to the “LOVES” page.



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