Another unknown blog

During the winter of 2009 I headed over here to Word Press and decided I was going to blog.  Why not, right? Inspired by a woman I’ve known since elementary school, I logged in and typed.  I enjoyed reading my friends’ posts and ALWAYS loved “talking” online. After writing my first post, I kept it as a draft, refusing to publish it.

What if no one read it?

In January 2014 when my interest in writing publicly surfaced again, I reread the 2009 entry.  Lucky you, it will appear here in no time.

Truth be told, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I have opinions, I like sharing them.  I’m often frustrated or annoyed and cannot articulate it but find writing about it helpful.  I get teased about “trending” on Facebook and Twitter, and I adore garnering enthusiasm for the activities in which I participate.  If only I read TheGreat’sEscape, perhaps I was meant to get back into journal keeping.

Thanks for checking me out.  Please check me out.

Too desperate?



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